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About Association

Electronics Developers and Manufacturers Association (EDMA) is a non-profit association of members of the Russian electronics industry, established in 2017.

The goal is to revive and develop the Russian electronics industry by coordinating the activities of private companies and the state, strengthening industry cooperation, conducting career guidance activities among young professionals, further increasing export potential and entering global markets.


  • Unbiased assessment and analysis of the industry backdrop to form an idea of the real capabilities of Russian companies.
  • Drawing up the industry development strategy.
  • Promotion of the market regulation proposals.
  • Examination of drafts of normative legal acts against the long-term interests of companies – representatives of the industry, as well as the industry strategy.
  • Counteracting illegal activities in the electronics market.

Basic principles:

  • Careful attitude to the ecosystem of competitive market relations, support and development of the Association for the benefit of customers and electronics manufacturers, protection from gross administrative intervention and unfair actions.
  • Ensuring equal access to the Association’s resources for all its members.
  • Measurability and visibility of its performance.