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EDMA Members

SPE Zelax

SPE Zelax

Leading Russian developer and manufacturer of data network solutions. The company has developed a reputation as a manufacturer of reliable telecommunications equipment due to longstanding partnership with the largest enterprises of pivotal sectors of the Russian economy and state structures.

The company’s production facilities and Zelax research center, located in Zelenograd, enable a full-cycle production of modern equipment with unique parameters. The company produces optical seal systems, routers, switches, multiplexers, modems, TDMoIP gateways, converters, protection devices and other communication equipment.

Original developments, use of the best practices of the world's leading microelectronics companies, reliability, best value for money, and full adaptation to the conditions of Russian transport networks allow customers to effectively apply Zelax solutions in the systems of data transmission over fiber-optic and copper lines.

Since 1988, Zelax solutions have been ordered by many entities and companies, which place the highest priority on equipment reliability. These are Gazprom PJSC, Rosseti PJSC (until November 2012 – MRSK Holding JSC), Russian Railways JSC, Rostelecom PJSC, AvtoVAZ JSC, Mosvodokanal JSC and many others.

«Etalon» Plant

«Etalon» Plant

"Etalon" Plant" Production Company was established in 2005 for mass production of radio electronic products for the commercial market.

Since the company’s establishment, the main emphasis has been placed on equipping the enterprise with up-to-date, close-control and high-performance equipment for surface mounting, on the one hand, as well as attracting qualified technologists and dedicated experts, on the other hand. Following the market needs, in 2008, the company introduced the final assembly option. Simultaneously, Etalon switched to the balanced supply of materials and electronic components from own purchases. Thus, they designated the strategy for vertical growth and corresponding increase in value added in the production process.

In addition to vertical growth, the company began to develop adjacent production to diversify the stock of orders. Since 2010, "Etalon" Plant has been offering comprehensive services in metal working. Since 2012, it has been actively developing its own engineering division.

Upon 10 years of continuous development, "Etalon" Plant has entered the top five of the leaders in contract manufacturing of electronics in Russia. To date, the company is an ISO certified production facility with more than 200 highly qualified specialists, providing round-the-clock automated assembly of electronic modules for more than 150 clients.


IT leader in the field of automation of retail and service industry. According to the authoritative analytical agency CNewsAnalytics, in 2016, the company entered the top 5 of the prestigious rating "The Largest IT Suppliers for Retail" with year-end total revenue of 3 billion 389 million rubles. Since 2001, ATOL has been developing, manufacturing and distributing equipment and software for the front office automation of chain and independent retailing (food and non-food), cafes, restaurants, hotels, and service industry.



MicroEm Technologies Company is a subsidiary of "MicroEm" holding company. We are the youngest unit of the holding company, created in late 2014 to fulfil internal orders for manufacture of electronic products and attract new customers through expanding the range of services rendered by the corporate group. We are located in Zelenograd near Moscow - one of the centers of microelectronics in our country.

Quality management system in accordance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008) has been developed, implemented and is successfully operating in the organization.
The company has the right to use the "Federal Quality System" certification system conformity mark.
Independent quality control unit of MicroEM Corporate Group ensures compliance with all standards both for the products and for technological manufacturing processes.

  • New state-of-the-industry SMT-mounting line;
  • THT mounting site;
  • Manufacture of wire harnesses and cable assemblies;
  • Own design center, providing comprehensive support for mass-produced products.
North West Laboratory

North West Laboratory

NORTH WEST LABORATORY is a specialized enterprise for development and production of inductive cells, filters and technological solutions for highly-efficient power supplies, as well as metal works for communications electronics and other equipment.

  • PRODUCTION UNIT (LLC "NPO SZL") an enterprise specializing in the development and serial production of custom-made inductive elements and metal works. The enterprise has its own design office and two production workshops (inductive elements and steel works);
  • SCIENTIFIC UNIT (LLC "STC SZL") –a research and development center, specializing in development and pilot production of filters and technological solutions for high-efficiency power supplies, as well as in development of structures for UPSUs;
  • INNOVATION CENTER (LLC "SZL") - research investigations and development of power transmission, distribution and conversion technologies and systems, including implementation of "Oveconversion" priority innovative project: production of highly effective AC-DC, DC-DC power converters with efficiency of up to 96%, 1-20 kW capacity, manufactured based on home-produced hardware components (resident of Skolkovo innovation center).

JSC "Proton-Elektrotex" is financially independent company, being one of the world leaders in the development and production of power semiconductor devices: diodes, thyristors, IGBT modules and heatsinks. The company also develops instrumentation and power assemblies based on own-produced power semiconductors.

The main object of the company is to provide buyers with modern and reliable power semiconductor devices. The company's achievement of this objective is facilitated by the availability of a modern set of equipment, qualified personnel, as well as optimized organizational structure of management and well-rub business processes system.

Proton-Electrotex JSC products are widely used in various industries: electrical power engineering, solar and wind power, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, railway and urban electric transport, automobile industry, quarry machinery and industrial power supplies.


The name of the company - "Evotor" - comes from the combination of the words in the phrase "evolution of trade" in Russian language. The starting point for the history Evotor of is June 8, 2016. On this day, the world learned about the introduction of a project, intended to become a new standard of automation of the trade industry and to bring the latter to a qualitatively new level - through the introduction of the same-name smart terminals.

All the concepts, design, manufacture and assembly of smart terminals are implemented in Russia.

The global task of Evotor Company is to serve as a driver for the development of the entire market, consolidating new industry standards, and to bring the culture of trade relations between business, government and consumers to a qualitatively new level.

EriconMontazh Manufacturing Group

EriconMontazh Manufacturing Group

"Ericon" corporate group offers its customers services for contract assembly of prototypes of small- and medium-sized electronic products - from the development of printed circuit boards to product packaging of and delivery to customers.

The company carries out a full cycle of contract manufacturing of electronics:

  • design of printed circuit boards;
  • manufacturing and delivery of printed circuit boards;
  • procurement of electronic components;
  • testing and configuring the components of electronic products;
  • manufacturing and assembly of structural elements of electronics;
  • testing, tuning and trial testing of finished products.

The electronics produced by Ericon successfully operates in such areas as communications and telecommunications, accounting and control systems, surveillance and research, in automotive, aerospace, consumer and industrial electronics industries and products for the Ministry of Defense.


JSC Radiant has 30 years of experience in the electronic components market.

One of the main activities is the development and production of radioelectronic components in the following areas:

  • Crosspoint and installation elements.
  • EMC filters.
  • Unpackaged ICs.
  • Optoelectronic devices.

Our customers are production facilities of radioelectronic equipment, research institutes, design offices and manufacturers of unique equipment.

To ensure the proper level of quality and reliability in the company, the quality management system (QMS) has been implemented and is effectively functioning.

NPO StarLine

Scientific and Production Association StarLine is engaged in the development and production of high-tech innovative microelectronics, including intelligent guarding and telematic complexes under its own StarLine brand.

The mission of the company is to provide residents of Russia and citizens of the world with high level security based on the progressive technologies of the world community.

Today NPO StarLine develops and manufactures smart StarLine security and telemetry complexes for cars, carries out development of a project for creation of a system of active assistance to the driver "StarLine Smart Car", as well as provides complex contract manufacturing services: from the selection and delivery of components, development and testing of prototypes to computer-assisted production.

StarLine equipment is used by residents of more than 50 countries of the world, including Great Britain, USA, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Iceland, Israel, Netherlands and many others.

StarLine is recognized as an original accessory by world automakers and is recommended as a reliable vehicle protection by leading federal insurance companies.


The main type activity of JSC "Informtehtrans": design and production of radio electronic equipment for various purposes.

Mass-produced products

  • railway rolling stock automatic radio frequency identification systems;
  • control panels of various complexes and systems;
  • power supply cabinets for railroad passenger cars equipment;
  • signalized traffic management intelligent control systems;
  • wide range of cable products.

The enterprise is capable of carrying out a full completed cycle of work on the production of products from task description and development of complete packages of design and technological documentation to launching the batch production of products with subsequent warranty and post-warranty support.

Farvater Design Bureau

Farvater Design Bureau

Since 2011 the Design Bureau "Farvater" has been successfully carrying out research and development works on the development and subsequent small-scale production of analogue (HF/UHF/UHF), digital and optoelectronic equipment with programmed control for our B2B and B2G customers using the most modern hardware and emerging technologies.

The company also specializes in automation of testing of all types of electronics during their serial production, using both purchased devices from global vendors, as well as algorithms, techniques and measuring equipment of its own production.

One of the important courses for the development of the company is also the mutually beneficial cooperation with startup teams and contract large-scale electronics manufacturers with the purpose of rolling-out of all types of promising and high-quality products.



ANTRAKS R&D Co is a successful full cycle research-and-production company located in Fryazino Science Town. It was created in 1989 on the basis of two scientific institutes (Institute of Radio Technologies and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Science (Fryazino) and Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (Zelenograd). The company is engaged in the development and production of intelligent systems for power lines diagnostics and substations automation. All products are created on the basis of advanced electronic components with the use of modern algorithmic solutions. Some inventions are unrivalled throughout the world, most products are unique in the domestic market.

ANTRAKS Company is:

  • EXPERIENCE – we have been implementing projects for Russian and world energy sector for more than a quarter of a century
  • INNOVATION – our inventions won multiple prizes at prestigious competitions for the best technical parameters.
  • RELIABILITY – realizing a complete cycle from an idea to the technical support of the finished system, we control all stages of production and provide support in the implementation process
  • FLEXIBILITY – our networking technologies enable controlling devices from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to process network
  • VERSATILITY – we provide your devices for power grids throughout the world, from Ecuador to New Zealand, our products have passed the certification tests for compliance with foreign standards
  • SCIENTIFIC BASE – we cooperate with leading energy and electrical engineering institutes from 1991 onwards.

Shtrikh-M is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of hi-tech systems of business automatization. It is one of a piоneer of the retail commerce industry automatization. Today the Group of companies Shtrikh-M – the big holding owned 4 factories in Russia, with advanced equipment and systems. Their partners network has more than 600 authorized companies and 1500+ service centers in Russia and CIS.

The main products are cash-registers, POS-systems, barcode scanners, terminals and printers, electronic scales, information kiosks, retail security systems, RFID – systems, vending machines, transport systems, selfservice systems, software, etc.


Voronezh Semiconductor Devices Factory–Assembly is one of the largest electronic components supplier for radioelectronic devices. Its products are used by more than 450 companies in Russia and close overseas.

The main mass-produced products include more than 900 types: transistor assemblies, logic IC and PLD, powerful n-and p-channel field effect transistors, IGBT, drivers, powerful Schottky diodes, fast recovering high voltage diodes, rectifier bridges based on a powerful diode, powerful RF and microwave transistors, power modules based on field-effect transistors and diodes, voltage regulator, automotive electronics, LEDs, batteries.

ALT Master

ALT Master – contract electronics production in Russia. 

Full chain of electronic production

  • SMT-technology of surface mounting: 4 lines Universal Instruments \ 300 000 comp.per hour
  • Projects support on R&D stage: 6 semi-automatic installers
  • Through-hole Technology
  • Cables for special purposes, strand braids, vacuum filling
  • Waterproof coatings, packaging, mechanical modification of package, assembly
  • 3D – prototyping

World class level of equipment and competences:

  • ISO 9001-2011
  • SPI -  3D – quality control of the solder paste application Cyber Optic
  • AOI – automatic optical inspection KohYoung (InLine),TRI (Off Line)
  • AXI – automatic x-ray inspection Nordson Dage
  • More than 250 professional employees, more than 250 customers in Russia

AEDON is a Russian leading manufacturer of power-supply systems for industrial and special purposes. The company’s profile is design and experimental development and batch production of compact DC/DC-converters and turnkey power-supply systems at the customer’s request.

The company “AEDON” was founded in 1999. Throughout its existence the company had created more than 10 lines of high-reliable products at its own cost and expense. Nowadays the total product range includes about 15000 items. The private design-engineering bureau and high experience allow us to develop and deliver power-supply systems for testing considering customer’s requests that also includes products’ quality category “VP” during some weeks.

The plant is equipped with present-day automated lines that, along with the automatic quality control and the operating quality management system ISO 9001:2009, render possible to reach the highest qualitative adjectives of output product.

The company’s portfolio of clients numbers more than 1000 enterprises referred to producing radio-electronic equipment, instrument-making industry, aircraft engineering, shipbuilding, heavy engineering and some other manufacturing sectors.


JSC "INTEGRAL" – Holding Management Company

  • 50 years of experience in design and production of microelectronic components
  • The largest manufacturer of integrated circuits and semiconductor devices in Central and Eastern Europe (1 billion pcs of integrated circuits and more than 1 billion pcs of semiconductor devices per year)
  • Complete cycle of design/development and manufacture of integrated circuits and semiconductor devices: from silicon ingots to a finished product
  • Production hierarchy: from integrated circuits to electronic products
  • High level of technologies applied and modern process equipment
  • High quality of products approved by National and International Standards
  • Highly skilled and experienced personnel
Lighting Technologies

Lighting Technologies

Lighting Technologies is an International Manufacturer, Supplier and Designer of innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions. Product portfolio includes over 9,000 different luminaires designed to optimally meet your lighting requirements across a range of applications including Indoor, Outdoor, Commercial Office and Trade, Industrial, Residential, and Sports facilities.

The LT Production network includes facilities in Russia, Spain, Ukraine and India.


Ostec-Electro Ltd is innovation company manufacture of custom test equipment for electronic and electro technical areas of industry. Based on experience of our technical experts we provide our customers with best solutions.

We produce test equipment, custom fixtures for existing testers; make necessary adaptation of third-party testers combining them into big test stands. The main advantage of our company is long-term relationships with our customers. We started our work with Russian electronic companies more than 25 years ago as a distributor company of foreign test equipment. It gave us an advantage, as we deeply understand customer’s needs. Among developed test equipment are: current impulse generator G6-51/xx for testing power stabilitrons, fixture for testing SMD components, mobile cable tester MPK24 working 8 hours from batteries and magnetic permeability measuring system Sh1-23 for ferrite rings.

Macro EMS

Macro EMS is part of the Macro Group Ltd. whose main business is the distribution of electronic components. Contract manufacturing services Macro Group has been providing since 2007. Since 2010, production is conducted at its own facilities in St. Petersburg.

From the very beginning, Macro EMS focuses on customers of sophisticated high-tech devices used in areas critical to equipment failures. Manufactured devices are functionally tested for compliance with the parameters of the customer's specification. In the presence of appropriate methods, a full cycle of inspections is carried out on our own equipment or equipment provided by the customer, which allows you to get 100% quality products.

The company provides following services:

  • delivery of PCB of different complexity
  • electronic components supply for projects performed
  • mounting SMD, DIP and Press-fit components
  • various types of testing and functional control
  • applying waterproof coatings
  • manufacture of cable assemblies
  • mechanical assembly of products
  • climatic testing
The main customers are working in the following areas:
  • controllers and sensors for automated process control systems
  • supercomputers and servers
  • RF / Microwave Modules
  • demanding applications


Milandr is the leading Russian designing and manufacturing company of current state technology integrated circuits.

The company’s main profile is design and manufacture of high-reliable microelectronic devices (microcontrollers, microprocessors, RAM and ROM devices, transceivers, voltage converter circuits, radio frequency ICs), electronic units and software for modern information systems and microelectronic products.

Milandr’s key feature is full cycle of ICs and packaged electronic circuits creation: from design and manufacture of commercially successful innovative products to all realized projects’ full technical support.

Instrumental Systems

Instrumental Systems

Instrumental Systems JSC is an expert in R&D of DSP solutions (board and system levels). The primary components are powerful digital signal processors, high-end FPGAs, high-speed ADCs/DACs. Our company employs more than 50 engineers for analog and digital design and multilevel programming.

We've got our own modern assembly line for our products. The product portfolio includes digital multichannel radio receivers, ADC and DAC modules, processing boards and systems. The target market is radar applications, physical experiment, medical systems, etc.

B4Com Technologies

B4Com Technologies

B4Com Technologies LLC was established in 2015 to develop and manufacture a product line of high-tech devices using SDN/IoT/4G/5G/6LoWPAN technologies and solutions in the field of data transmission.

The company has a staff of highly qualified specialists for research and development, as well as the possibility of mass production on a modern production base located in the special economic zone "Technopolis" Moscow".

The main activities of the company:

  • research and and development work in the field of IT, Telecom and radio;
  • software product development and equipment design;
  • equipment manufacturing, engineering, equipment sales and service, production, installation of equipment, engineering, sale of equipment, service.

B4Com Technologies LLC plans to take a leading position in the market of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and IoT c using secure data transfer technologies in Russia.


Founded in 2007, TONK Smart Thin Clients Ltd. is a leading provider of cloud client, thin client, software, "desktop cloud" solutions in Russian IT-market. TONK’s products have been widely used in more than 1500 companies in Financial, Insurance, Telecommunication, Government, Education, Call Center, Retail, etc. TONK has own R&D center and highly experienced R&D Professionals. We also actively cooperate with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, Intel, AMD and other international enterprises to establish a comprehensive technical collaboration. In Russia TONK have more 120 partner IT- companies with highest level of IT-competence which integrate our products into customers’ IT environments.

TONK’s major competences include:

  • Hardware, software and solutions development;
  • Integration consulting for partners;
  • Hardware manufacturing;
  • Data protection and information security R&D and services;
  • IT-services and customer support

TONK has become one of the most important manufacturers in the industry chain of new generations PCs, Linux- and Windows terminals and thin client in Russia, Kazakstan, Belorussia, Ukraine and former USSR countries by taking full advantage of its powerful self-developing ability and the brand influence in IT-market.
TONK will work with partners and customers to provide incomparable security manageability and TCO benefits in cloud computing solutions.


NORSI-TRANS is a Russia-based developer and manufacturer of server hardware, multi-platform data storage systems, hardware and software systems, with smart manufacturing at the leading enterprises of the Russian Federation.

The company focuses on development and production of:

  • server hardware;
  • high-density data storage systems;
  • multifunctional telecommunications equipment;
  • highly complex cases with full design documentation issue;
  • PCB development (SAS, PCIe, IPMI, etc.) as part of manufacturing.

Short cycle-time design documentation based on acceptance tests, and serial production; own design bureau and pilot-scale production.

Comprehensive turnkey delivery throughout Russia.


ELMANK is engaged in the development of industrial power electronics and digital control systems. We provide all the project documentation, according to which you can manufacture this product in any enterprise of your choice.

  • Full cycle development of electronic equipment with inclusion at any stage
  • Development of digital control and diagnostic systems
  • Development of digital communication system via wired and wireless interfaces
  • Calculation and simulation of power converting equipment and control systems
  • Expert assessment of technical solutions
  • Modification of equipment
  • Participation in R&D projects
  • Small batch production of equipment by our company and contractors

Established in 1997, Rezonit is the largest manufacturer of printed circuit boards and one of the leaders in the Electronics manufacturing services market in Russia.

Company specialization:

  • Electronics manufacturing services
  • Prototypes, small batch and medium series; multilayer PCBs to 32 layers; single and double-sided PCBs; high tg and high-frequency material PCBs, HDI including flex and rigid-flex PCBs, circuit boards with impedance control, metal base PCBs (Al)
  • Mass-production PCB orders supply
  • PCBA production: prototypes and small series, large series, SMT 
  • Stencil production for SMT assembly
  • Components supply
  • Materials supply for PCB production and PCBA

More than 700 employees work in the factories and in the offices of the company. Rezonit owns two PCB factories, PCB assembly sites, and stencil production units. Over the years, more than 10,000 enterprises have become customers of the company. Rezonit offices are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, regional offices operate in Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Perm, Saratov and Ufa.


“Teleplatforms” is the Russian developer and manufacturer of telecommunication equipment with over five years experience designing, development and manufacturing Satellite and Ethernet networking solutions products in the Russia.

The company was founded in 2015 and focused on delivering high-performance networking solutions (Satellite, Radiorelay, Ethernet).
The headquarter is located in Moscow.

Our own production and research center offers our customers a complete cycle of creating modern equipment with unique parameters.

The company produces multi-port 1/10/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet adapters, FPGA-base accelerators, switches, modems and other communication equipment.

The AKTIV company is the manufacturer of USB-tokens, smart cards, dongles and solutions for software protection, the developer of information security tools. The company bases its devices on both widely used in world practice and on its own unique developments.

We are one of the developers of technologies that form the basis for creating basic competitive solutions in the field of information security.

AKTIV offers its partners cooperation in the field of creating unique software and electronic devices, both on order and in the format of joint developments, including OEM solutions.

In the emerging markets, a partnership with AKTIV can be the starting point for your leadership. The company was founded in Russia in 1994 and now unites the leading brands in their fields: Rutoken and Guardant.

IMPULS R&D company is a Russian developer and producer of power protection solutions for telecommunications, home and office equipment, transport and industrial facilities, automated process control systems, and healthcare.

The company has its own research and development (R & D) units, production line and service support units.

To date, the company's product portfolio presents solutions for protection of power supplying from 450VA till 1MVA, including increased protection with multi-level redundancy of power. This allows to satisfy business demands of any scale.

LLC «ENFORSYS» is the Contract electronics manufacturing was founded in 2007.

Many years of experience and knowledge allowed the company to bring the quality of production and services to a high level in a fairly short time.

The full list of services that we provide, solves the problems of most of our clients. LLC «ENFORSYS» offers the following services: PCB design, PCB production, Supplying electronic components, Housings, Microwave screens for circuit boards, Manufacturing of harnesses, Body frame, Assembly of printed circuit boards, Testing.

Dynamic development and flexibility are the main priorities of LLC «ENFORSYS» !
Svetoservis Telemechanics

Svetoservis Telemechanics

Limited liability company Svetoservis Telemechanics is an affiliate of International Lighting Engineering Corporation BOOS LIGHTING GROUP. Since 2005, within Svetoservis Group of companies we are engaged in automated lighting control systems.

Our design, research and engineering resources allow us to make professional proposals for design, installation, commissioning and operation of telemechanical and energy-saving equipment, development of automated lighting control systems, their elements and specialized software (including light dynamic scenarios).

We offer stock-produced, small-scale and unique products for outdoor and architectural lighting control systems and electricity commercial metering systems. The equipment is certified and produced in the Russian Federation at our own production facilities.


A-CONTRACT is one of the biggest Russian EMS-companies. We have more than 20 years experience of PCBs supply and PCB assembly.

The company provides:

  • full range of services on PCB engineering and manufacturing; all kinds of PCBs, multilayer PCBs, high-frequency PCBs, flexible PCBs, rigid-flexible PCBs, metal based PCBs etc.
  • PCB assembly; Component supply and assembly;
  • Microwave technologies;
  • Requirements driven PCB design - PCB layout, design/redesign;
  • Through hole assembly;
  • Press-fit connectors assembly;
  • Wirebonding ;
  • all kinds of control&testing: X-ray control, AOI, ICT, Jtag;
  • R&D;
  • Package;
  • Silicon, membrane and antivandal key-pads;
  • Localisation.
  • ISO 9001:2015


EPC MSU is engaged in the development and sale of complex electronics and intelligent software, high-tech projects in the field of robotics and motion control, automation of experimental installations in laser physics and high-energy physics, creation of systems for automatic testing and diagnostics of printed circuit boards and electronic components.

Our engineering and technical department consists of specialists in microelectronics, microprocessor technology, FPGAs, development of embedded software, control algorithms, application software, electronic boards and devices, management of equipment development, material support of science-intensive projects.

Our customers are government agencies, scientific foundations, commercial scientific and technical organizations and research laboratories.
Elron LLC

Elron is a contract developer of devices and devices capable of quickly solving complex complex problems and performing development from the idea stage to the stage of certification and setting up serial production of the products being developed.

Elron is a resident of the Science and Technology Park of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok (Academpark), while all the serious scientific and technical potential of the company (PhD’s, circuit engineers, programmers, designers, suppliers, technical writers, production personnel, etc.) is aimed at high-quality and prompt solution of the customers' problems.

Today the company fulfills orders not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad. Offices and production sites of the company are located in Novosibirsk and its environs.

Prosoft-Systems company has been developing and delivering turnkey solutions in the field of high-tech devices and automation systems for power energy, oil and gas, metallurgical industries and so on since 1995.

Over the years, the company has established itself as a reliable developer of software and hardware for the domestic market. Manufactured products and complex solutions of Prosoft-Systems demonstrate their successful operation at large power energy and industry holding companies of Russian Federation and other foreign countries.

Third pin

Third pin is the electronics and embedded systems design agency. Our team helps organize or accelerate
the development, production, and testing of electronic products.

Since 2011, we have completed more than a hundred projects for a dozen industries. We are specialized
in devices that operate in harsh environments and control fast processes in industrial and mobile

Services we provide:

  • Analysis and Documentation (Specs, PoC, Reverse-engineering)
  • Hardware design (Schematics and PCB design / engineering)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Embedded systems design (firmware, embedded Linux)
  • Prototyping (Validation, DFM)
  • Manufacturing support (Vendor Selection, SCM)
  • PCBA Testing Automation

You know your market and your customers’ demands. We have all the rest to give your business what is
needed: a functional device, designed for manufacturability. Tested. Reliable. Fully documented. Right
on time.


Formlab is a full service product engineering and product design company. 10+years of experience of our key specialists, more than 300 successfully fulfilled complex projects, 130k man-hour (about 15 years) of experience in product design. 

We should always think how to solve the main problem of the client — thus his product should be ready-to-sell, low-price in production and exceed analogues. Do it like this is our job.

We are a team of a new in-house format. Our specialists are spread throughout the country, likewise our contractors — factories and manufacturers in Europe and Asia. This approach allows us not to be within the limits of "how it's comfortable", but think of "how it's efficient for the task". If necessary, we can readily find and put very narrow specialists on the project. 

You can see some of our projects here:
KB Kvanta

KB Kvanta is a Russian electronics developer. It provides services of customised development of electronic equipment and software. It specialises in such areas as industrial automatics, IoT, robotics, transport electronics, access control systems. Company specialists have long-aged experience in contract electronics development of software and hardware for electronic devices of high complexity.

NTK Priborenergo

NTK Priborenergo

NTK Priborenergo LLC specializes in the development and production of devices for organizations producing relay protection and automation cabinets, as well as low-voltage and high voltage equipment.

Our products have been in wide demand for more than 9 years due to their high quality and fast lead times.

We have modern high-tech equipment at our disposal. But we consider our solid and experienced team of true professionals to be our main advantage. We boldly cooperate with young specialists, introduce new ideas. We carry out successful tests of new devices developed by us.

Our advantages lie in the fact that we follow changes in the market, follow current trends and improve our own production.

Moscow Plant “FIZPRIBOR” is a developer and manufacturer of hardware and software for Instrumentation and Control systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems. The Company is licensed and certified to work at critical information infrastructures of the Russian Federation and abroad (nuclear power plants, thermal power stations, etc.) in accordance with Federal Law of 26.07.2017 No. 187-FZ “On Security of the Critical Information Infrastructure of the Russian Federation”.

The Company manufactures traditional hardwired logic controllers based on modern design, programmable logic controllers, high-reliability and high-redundancy distributed control systems, and software for acquisition, processing and analysis of data and for distributed equipment control.

The MIRTEK Companies Group holds a leading position in the development and production of smart metering devices. We create automated control systems, integrating electricity data, heat data, water- and gas supply data in united information field.

Since 2006 our company has been dynamically developing, and currently MIRTEK manufacturing companies are located in Russia (Taganrog, Vladivostok) and abroad (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia).

MIRTEK company brings innovation to life based on the unlimited technical possibilities of the Human and realizing them in exclusive products and solutions.

  • We reduce losses, increase energy efficiency
  • Paving the way for a reliable and stable energy supply
  • Inventing the future in the present

Wiren Board

Wiren Board is a Russian company that has been developing and manufacturing electronics for automation and monitoring since 2013.

The company specializes in the development of industrial controllers based on Linux, as well as peripheral devices with Modbus interface: sensors, I/O units and counters.

AT buro

Team of «AT buro» LLC

We develop Hi-Tech custom design devices under a brand name ESMART®. In our devices wireless technologies are used to perform contactless identification by mobile phones or portable electronics in offices or in loyalty program in stores, pay transport fees and in many other areas of everyday life where such technologies proved beneficial. 

Alongside with the contactless technologies we develop devices for digital signature, authentication, encryption and personal data protection.

Our team has one of the highest competency levels in RFID technologies in Russia. We collaborate with the leading vendors of contactless solutions. Thus, we get an early access to the most advanced and emerging technologies in our sphere.

The company is a licensee of Federal Security Service (FSB) and Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of the Russian Federation. The devices have corresponding certificates where applicable.

Who are we?

Brand name ESMART® was created in 2016. Tens of thousands of people already use our Smart Devices. The project has been successfully launched in Russia and we are expanding into the worldwide market.

What are we doing?

Our results are full-cycle products. We begin with an idea, come up with a prototype, design, develop mechanics and electronics, propose software solutions, manage serial manufacture at owned facilities with profound quality management, solve marketing tasks and introduce our products to the market. In-house sales department and a wide network of distributors enhance our team in terms of promotion of our products and solutions.

L CARD - Russian hardware developer and manufacturer of electronic measuring equipment,
® 1987. The company implements full-cycle projects from idea to mass production.

  • 2 manufacturing locations in Moscow and Novgorodskaya oblast
  • Own design engineering department and test center
  • Product lifecycle support
  • More than 500 measuring tools developed and produced in-house
  • 20 years of experience in collaborate research, engineering, and manufacturing industrial projects in the field of railway transport equipment
  • Industrial-applicated software engineering

Field of expertise:

  • Measuring equipment and gage systems development from point zero
  • Full-cycle industrial production
  • Serial products customization
  • Certification testing and trials
  • Engineering and production support for R&D

TELEOFIS is widely known in Russia and abroad as an innovative developer and manufacturer of telecommunications industrial equipment for wireless resource accounting. With its own development staff and its own production line in Moscow, the company, since 2004 has earned itself a reputation as an expert in the use of cellular communications for data transmission, especially in projects to automate metering in electrical and heat networks.


Infomatika has been on the IT market since 1996 and is one of the leading Russian developers and manufacturers of software and hardware packages and interactive systems for various purposes:

  • ticketing systems for sports, cultural and entertainment facilities, professional sports clubs;

  • fare control systems for transport;

  • specialized access control and management systems equipment: turnstiles, gates, automatic controls;

  • information and payment terminals.

The company specializes on the development and production of hardware and software systems with individual technical and design characteristics. Professional competence and in-house material and technical resources allow us to organize a full cycle of production of our own high-tech products.

Today, Infomatika's ticketing systems are successfully functioning both in Russia and overseas.


Omnicomm is a leading developer and manufacturer of complete fleet and fuel management services. We have been in the business for over twenty years and our products have been installed in over 1 million vehicles worldwide. Omnicomm IoT technologies are used in 110 countries across 11 different industries.

We work through partners, basic resellers, value-added resellers, as well as international fuel service providers, consulting companies, system integrators and telecom operators with their own IoT SDP platforms. Omnicomn technologies make asset control and fuel management efficient and cost-effective to address the secure requirements of the main economic sectors.

Our fleet management solution includes Omnicomm high-precision LLS fuel-level sensors, terminals, displays and fleet management service, Omnicomm Online — all supported by our unique fuel data processing algorithms, which ensure that fuel-level data recordings are completely reliable and return an exceptionally high accuracy of 99.5%.

The ATPP manufacturing company has been successfully operating in the electronics contract manufacturing market during 18 years. We work as a full production cycle (from the development of technical documentation to the delivery of the finished product), and we make the production of printed circuit boards and the components mounting according to customer documentation. The company has assembly production lines in Russia and China. We have our own engineering center. We developed and made mass production for next projects - a satellite monitoring system for automobile and water transport, industrial controllers for Russian Railways, GAZ, VAZ, UAZ dashboards.
UTINET is a Russian server, storage system and network equipment manufacturer, as well as unique software maker.
UTINET products are in Radio Electronic Products Registry MINPROMTOGR.
Channels of distribution: B2B, B2G
Product line includes:
  • Network switch
  • Servers and data storage system
  • Virtualization solutions and networked storage
  • Software for thin client-based and VDI-based networks
  • Control systems
  • Private and public cloud computing solutions
Innovative solutions UTINET are based on domestic components and unique software.
UTINET software is in Russian Software Registry.
Ready-made solutions and solutions for individual requirements are offered to our partners and distributors.
We have the resources to implement international-scale projects.
We provide deal protection and goods delivery in a short notice.
We offer flexible cooperation conditions
Conscious Cars

Conscious Cars

Limited Liability Company “Conscious Cars” is an IT company with integrated solutions in the automotive industry, energy and the "smart home" direction. We develop and implement a a hardware and software system for data collection and analytics system of monitoring indicators from vehicles, gas consumption, control of electric filling stations and other devices. The system consists of a telecommunications module, an IoT platform and client applications for clients' business tasks. 

We are a supplier of the first level (tier-1) and the second level (tier-2). 

We have experience of implementation at the original equipment manufacturer level, including approval, certification and passing all necessary procedures.For example, telecommunication modules are installed on the conveyor during the production of the car. 

To date, the company is actively developing the direction of creating domestic electronic components for the automotive industry, as well as the direction of redesigning electronic devices, offering a comprehensive solution on the market for the transfer of electronic devices to an alternative electronic components.
Kobak Lab

Kobak Lab is a full-service bureau founded in 2014. Company is designing, developing and delivering complex tech projects in IT, devices and robotics. Current portfolio consists of over 100 solutions for dozens areas.


SENSE HDD - Developer and manufacturer of locating systems for horizontal-directional drilling.

Since 1998 we make digital equipment for HDD

We develop different types of locating systems for HDD

Picmicro engineering center provides services to develop documentation for electronic devices, manufacturing and debugging samples, preparation for production.

KEDR Solutions

KEDR Solutions

KEDR Solutions was founded in 2014. The company specializes in full stack electronics development including power electronics, embedded systems, robotics, Internet of Things, machine learning, and more. 

We offer the following services:

  • Printed circuit board design;
  • Embedded, system, and application software development;
  • Prototyping;
  • Preparations for certification and manufacturing.

KEDR Solutions implements projects for various industries: manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, consumer electronics, logistics, energy, entertainment, etc.

For 8+ years of operation, the company has grown to more than 50 highly qualified specialists. The personal approach and the transparency of the development process make KEDR Solutions one of the leading companies on the electronics development market.


DY-Technologies is building a plant for the production of automotive electronics on the territory of the Technopolis Moscow Special economic Zone. The plant will produce automotive multifunctional navigation devices, video recorders and other automotive electronics for a wide range of vehicles. The capacities of the DY-Technologies plant will allow performing a full range of work: from design development and assembly of printed circuit boards on its own modern SMT lines to the production, testing and packaging of finished products in full compliance with the requirements of industry standards.

Research, Development & Production Enterprise «Atlant»  is a fast-developing Russian company founded by specialists with many years of experience in the OEM.
The main activity of «Atlant» is production of electronic printed circuit boards, which includes:

  • production of printed circuit boards;
  • placement of components on printed circuit boards by soldering;
We take our work responsibly and don’t stop at the results achieved. Thanks to our highly qualified specialists and optimal prices for the services provided, «Atlant»  confidently strengthens position in the market of OEM.

TEC electronics

TEC electronics
TEC electronics was founded in 2005. For more than 10 years the company has been developing and producing vehicle security systems.
Since then we have more than 500 000 loyal clients. TEC electronics has become a leader at the local market and won the trust of many European countries.
Today we have own R&D and manufacturing with high quality (ISO9001:9003) complying international standards. Our qualified engineers are always working on improvement and excellence of our vehicle security systems.


JSC Avtoelektronika is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic automotive components for the largest Russian and foreign automotive concerns. Our approach is based on innovation, mobility of business processes, attraction of qualified personnel and well-established logistics. Equipping the production site with equipment for product assembly and control, as well as the availability of its own testing laboratory, guarantees the high quality of products. The main objective of the company is the production of safe and competitive automotive electronics that sets standards in its segment. Autoelectronics has 30 active Russian patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs, as well as 11 foreign patents for inventions.

Our products:
  • electromechanical power steering (EUR);
  • digital tachographs;
  • ECM sensors (pressure, speed, phases, crankshaft, etc.);
  • interior heating systems (SAUO controllers, heater damper gearmotors, temperature sensors);
  • electrical equipment of starting devices (blocks and control panels for a dual-mode and liquid heater);
  • control elements (lighting control modules, instrument lighting controls, headlight beam corrector switches, digital clock);
  • voltage regulators and relays (turn signal interrupters, rear fog lamp relay, wiper relay).

Manual PCB Assembly of any complexity

  • Urgent sample assembly within two days
  • Feedback from our expert engineers throughout all work stages 
  • Flexible prices: we accommodate our offer to each individual request
  • Short lead time: PCB production and insertion according to IPC standards performed in 2 days or more
  • Complex approach: paperwork, PCB production and IC assortment done for you
  • Delivery: we deliver the goods country-wide within one week
  • 15-year experience: our production history allows us to meet the most challenging tasks
  • High caliber crew: our employees are professionals with years of experience


PRM.DEV is an independent electronics design house with the 80 staff people. We take our customers' businesses to a new orbit by helping them to develop and manufacture new world-class products for the high-tech market. We take care of all technical issues: hardware design and software development, mechanical and industrial design for new enclosures, prototyping and production launch at the right location worldwide.

The history of the company dates back to 2004, during which time our engineers and designers have completed more than 500 projects in the field of consumer electronics, telecommunications, auto electronics, industrial automation, home and office automation, media and entertainment - more than a million devices produced.

Telecom hardware and software development. We develop all levels of software for network equipment and customize your telecom devices. We specialize in developing high-speed data processing equipment: end-user equipment, Ethernet switches, industrial network equipment and custom FPGA network cards.

Automotive software dev and electronics design. We specialize in hardware and software development of embedded systems for connected vehicles, in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI), GPS trackers, dashcams, ECUs and driver assistance systems according to AUTOSAR and MISRA standards.

Industrial automation & robotics. We design custom hardware and develop software for industrial automation companies and robotics vendors, helping them create new products for Industry 4.0, power engineering, and motor control. Also, we have ready-to-use IP cores to reduce your time to market, such as C37.94 transceiver for teleprotection equipment.

IoT development services. We offer a full range of product design services for industrial IoT, medical, and measurement equipment. As part of the development of smart cities and homes, we implement projects in water/air quality control, noise and radiation monitoring, etc.

FPGA design. We have vast software development experience for programmable logic chips and in working with FPGA-based hardware accelerator, processor cores, interface modules, data processing modules, etc. In our projects, we use the latest solutions from Xilinx, Lattice Semiconductor, Intel, and Microchip.

Manufacturing: is engaged in setting up and supporting the production of modern electronics at factories in Russia, the CIS countries and China. The division is not tied to its own production and therefore can choose the best contractor for each project. This approach allows us to reduce the time and overhead costs of the customer, ensure a high level of quality and form optimal supply chains. Full turnkey production cycle or individual tasks:

  • Setting up and supporting the production of electronics
  • Design and production of housings and body parts
  • Production of prototypes / prototypes
  • Production testing
  • Consulting



K-Technologies is a diversified group of companies specializing in the development of software, communications and data transmission systems, creation and maintenance of computing infrastructure.


TRION is a Russian company, developer and manufacturer of components for LED devices.

The company has its own production facilities, our design bureau carries out the development of new products and quality control at all stages of the production process. Our production site are located in Sergiev Posad (Moscow area).

The key strategy of TRION company includes innovative technologies and advanced components for mass production.

Our main products:

  • power supplies
  • emergency kits
  • lighting control systems

Every year we update the product range of our power supplies and emergency kits. We also develop lighting control systems and have already completed DALI lighting control system "Aurora" based on Russian software.

Our new strategic developments, qualified personnel, diversified production facilities, work of our QC Department and well-established logistics allow the company to meet the needs of our customers constantly and continuously.


Design House specialized on Industrial & Mechanical Design + Electronic Engineering for consumer electronics

Digital Angel

Digital Angel

Digital Angel is a developer and manufacturer of telecommunication equipment. Since 2009, the company's products under the Termit trademark have been manufactured at enterprises in Russia and East Asia certified according to international quality standards.

The Termit brand is aimed at a wide range of both corporate and private users. Products are supplied to mobile operators, educational, medical, commercial organizations, government agencies.

This is how Termit products are created - everything you need, nothing more.


Kalashnikov Concern JSC is the leading Russian manufacturer of automatic and sniper combat firearms, guided artillery munitions, and a wide range of high-accuracy weapons.

Kalashnikov is the flagship of the Russian weapon industry, producing about 95% of all small arms in the country. Kalashnikov Group companies produce not only small arms, but also specialized military and civilian transport and equipment, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, high-speed transport and assault boats for special operations forces, high-precision missile weapons. Kalashnikov exports its products to more than 25 countries around the world.

Componetica is the Russian company placed in Perm providing services of  contract manufacturing of electronics. We carry out a full cycle of production beginning with the R&D of electronic devices, selection and ordering of electronic components and ending with the installation of components on printed circuit boards, testing, adjustment and assembly into the boxes. We also perform related services: cable preparation, PCB varnishing, etc.

Founded in 2018, Componetica has been doubling its financial turnover annually since 2021, and has also well grown in human resources and production capacity.
We are a reliable supplier in direct order or in tender procedures, we work as an external supply department, helping companies select electronic equipment, components and accessories for their tasks.

Componetica works with clients all over Russia and are ready to go abroad. We promptly execute orders for commercial and government companies. Componetica strives for continuous improvement and is ready for new challenges in the field of contract electronics manufacturing.


The MаcBlanch company manufactures decorative screen panels and membrane switches for control and measuring devices in various fields of usage, such as: medical equipment, information systems, security and fire safety systems, industrial equipment, automotive equipment, etc. In addition, company also produces metal nameplates for equipment, heating elements and warranty stickers and seals. 

This product is characterized by:

  • high wear resistance
  • extended service life – withstands over 5 million keystrokes
  • IP67 protection class against dust and moisture penetration
  • resistance to aggressive environments, oil-gasoline resistance

We produce different types of electronic products on an individual order.